Toyin dearie, Feggicolla is one of

Toyin dearie,

Feggicolla is one of the highlights of my life and times, and so it’s a privilege and honour to have met you and gone through high school together with you, alongside all the other ‘88 queens.

In fact reading your bio, it all just came flooding back to me – yes ooo! Your OCD was so inspiring, 2nd to none mehn! And, did you sell “spicy & short” too…? Lol!!

Thanking God for the gift of you as we celebrate you on your golden jubilee hun. Praying a resounding “Amen” to all of your heartfelt prayers, and declaring that God’s goodness and mercy will continue to attend your way and follow you all of your days, in Jesus’ name.

God bless you dearie – happy 50th birthday.

Much love always,
Funke Ayodele (nee: Sonde)

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